{INFO} Text Preview of Radio Star with Onew and Taemin


MCs: Kim Gookjin, Yoon Jongshin, Yoo Seyoon, Jo Kyuhyun
Guests: Kim Jungnan, SHINee Onew and Taemin, CNBlue Lee Jonghyun
The episode is set to air on September 26 at 11:15PM KST.
▶ <Noonim who loves idols> special!!
SHINee’s Onew has the power to freeze(?) everyone with his soft smile that noonas have fallen for!!
“This is the first time I’m talking this much on a show like this,” says SHINee’s Taemin the variety show underdog!

▶ Bursting into laughter from the endless stories! Their unexpected talking skills!
After hearing just the “SH” in SHINee, Kim Jungnan decided to drag her sore body and come out as a guest!!
Kim Jungnan is a huge fan of Onew! What’s the reason she was crying and laughing in the beginning because of Onew!?
And what are the results of the <Onew Negligence Meeting> that Radio Star prepared for her?

Onew’s 4D gags make the great Shin Dongyup lose his temper!!
Why did he suddenly yelled “La!” at the whole cast during his heated gag contest!?
What is the reason SHINee’s leader Onew got angry after listening to the benefits of Super Junior’s leader!?

Taemin seemed like he would be SHINee’s maknae forever! The taste of freedom after escaping being under aged!
He’s a mature man who’s now learning how to drink! SHINee’s Taemin!
He grew up to be a respectable young man, but it turns out he grew up pretending to be tricked for the SHINee hyungs’ sakes!?
The truth about the story when he first went to a café and made Key happy because of a bell!!

▶ Music Talk <The greatest confession song you want to sing for the one you love!>!
“It’s okay if my girlfriend cheats on me 3 times at the most!” Onew stated!?
Onew, who has extraordinary understanding for the one he loves, sings a touching song with his rich voice!!

Taemin has been a killer guy since elementary school with “homme fatale” even while standing still!!
The vivid story of his golden days(?) when he decided to become a celebrity due to his popularity at school!

<Radio Star> is overflowing with love more than ever because of the idols’ and noonims’ charms.


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