Minho [SHINee] official site update: 2012 hot summer, 121005

Friends who met Kang Taejun.

Perhaps first time starring as lead, I’m excited but also nervous if I could do well..

Thus I worker even harder, the first filming, the first broadcast, the nervous feeling looking at the monitor felt like yesterday.
This drama has ended…

Feel pity that of something lacking in myself
Now it’s still far (from best). Ending with this kind of feeling
Really regret with this feeling.

All fans & viewers supporting‘For You In Full Blossom’till the end
Sincerely thank you all
Director who guided me even of my deficiencies
Also all the staffs, actors & seniors
Once again thank you, thank you and thank you.

Started with excitement ending with regret
This short yet long summer
Happy & good to meet Kang Taejun~

Now it’s not the end but a step up the stairs
Choi Minho who is standing higher will even work harder & vigorous

Thank you so much~

For You In Full Blossom …..

Kang Taejun…..

Forever thank you^^




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