[JILLE – P2] SHINee’s Talk2You (Onew & Taemin) Title: Be careful of the Magic tape!

  • Onew: So we had a wool top for today’s shooting, I personally like wool clothings a lot, people often say I look good in them too. Practically yeah, the weather turns cold, so to wear wool clothings that would be warmer, therefore I always can’t wait to put them up whenever it’s winter time.
  • Taemin: Onew (hyung) does have the image of man with wool clothing, I think it fits him well too, really liked the clothings for this photoshoot too, kinda feel like having these. I am those type who would keep wearing the same clothes if I’m addicted to it, so I once had addiction on wool clothings too.
  • Onew: Taemin is indeed like that. It is easy to damage wool clothings, so we usually won’t feel like wearing it with shoes that has magic tape right (?)
  • Taemin: But then wool clothings are just tops, they won’t get in contact with the shoes isn’t it? ==
  • Onew: No! I had that experience before! , also you’ll have to be careful of the magic tape on your bag (hehe). What is Taemin’s concern when it comes to wool clothings?
  • Taemin: Instead of having a loose ones, I would go for a more fitting ones.
  • Onew: I see.
  • Taemin: If it’s a girl, to have a once piece dress beneath and a wool clothing on top of it, that’ll be really adorable. Like those where you can somehow see the collarbone.
  • Onew: Yeah I like that too.
  • Taemin: It’s okay if it’s not wool clothing, I like girls who wears one piece dress in general. White color dress, have the dress fluttering around, it looks really feminine to dress up like that right?
  • Onew: I know! (right== you know you sure?==) To all JILLE’s readers, it’s not just the dress but also the wool clothings, they’ll have to match perfectly. Let’s have fun fashion in the winter too.
  • CHIN/TRANS: Locktan

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