[121117] Rumour? SNSD’s Comeback Confirmed!!

[Update] – This post may or may not be true… 

High-end reporters made articles based on a post made by a Sone (@DCinside);

(2013 Jan
SNSD mini album comeback; Feb-May 
Arena Tour/concert tourJuly;
SNSD Full album; August SNSD Repackage album)



9 angels will gather and make a return with the new album after 15 months.


SNSD will be back on early January, 2013. The girls’ agency, SM Entertainment, expected SNSD’s comeback on late October, but later, due to some situation, the release of the new album was set to be delayed. However, the date was recently confirmed to be on January next year. This news has made both national and international fans that had been waiting for quite a long time showed a really excited impression.

After finishing the promotion activities for their 3rd album ‘The Boys’, SNSD had not come up with any new song in South Korea until April this year, when the unit group ‘TaeTiSeo’ was formed and 3 members, TaeYeon, Tiffany, andSeoHyun, started the album promotion with the title song ‘Twinkle’.

Being back with the full united 9 members, the girls are expected to make another ‘SNSD’s Year’.


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