SHINee’s Minho breaks cup stacking record on ‘Star King’



SHINee‘s Minho showed his athletic ability by breaking the cup stacking record on November 17th’s ‘Star King‘.

Elementary school student Kang Hee Joon, the top ‘sport stacker’ in South Korea, appeared on the show. Members of SHINee and f(x) practiced for a week prior to filming in order to attempt to break his record.

OnewVictoria, and Luna lost to the record holder, but the last competitor, Minho, was able to stack 12 cups within a faster time. However, he was disqualified for not returning the cups to their original position.

Kang Hee Joon offered a rematch, and Minho gladly accepted. The SHINee member then beat the champion’s record by 0.24 points.



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