[121124] Selcas: Teletubie Sunny, Cupcake Yuri & Melting Sica

Check out our girls’ selcas from the past few days. I’m sure you are all wondering what teletubies have to do with our angel Sunny.. So, with do further ado, …Sunny!…

(Bubble Text: I got caught, hing~)


Notice anything different? Oh yes! It is Sunny’s new hairstyle! Regarding it, she states, “I did my best hiding it, but I got caught in the most unexpected place!! Since it has come to this, here’s a frontal attack>_< Tinky-winky Sunny releasing a photo~♥”.

Yes, she probably had a hard time hiding it after taking that birthday photo with Kangta..
So what does everyone think about this new look?

And here we have Yuri after SMTown World Tour III Concert in Singapore. Wait.so is that Yuri sending kisses to us, or is that her wanting to eat the cupcake? I hope it’s the former… Anyway, congrats to the girls for an amazing performance!
Finally, here we have the photo that will work better than any fireplace to warm you, if you’ve been, like me, in the icy cold winter weather all day. Ahh yesss..let’s melt with the Ice Princess…

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