SWC2 Singapore Concert Notice

Dear Shawols, here are some information which you all will need to know before coming down to Singapore Indoor Stadium:

  1. Strictly no photography and videography is allowed during the concert. SM Entertainment has emphasized this. Basically nothing that is able to capture images should be used in the stadium.
  2. Anyone caught taking photos and videos will not be allowed to re-enter the stadium.
  3. Fans who are seated are allowed to bring one fanboard/ LED board each. Size is restricted to A3.
  4. Fans who are in the mosh pit are NOT allowed to bring in any fanboard/ LEB board.
  5. You may bring in an iPad to the stadium but you cannot use it to take photos or record any footage (as mentioned above).
  6. We strongly discourage fans from throwing items such as stuffed toys and fan banners onstage as it unintentionally becomes a hazard for the boys when they are performing.
  7. Fanlights longer than 30cm will not be allowed to be brought into the stadium, i.e. light sabers are not allowed. This is to make sure that everyone will enjoy the concert safely!
  8. No outside food and drinks are allowed into the stadium. Please dispose all bottles etc before you enter the stadium.
  9. No luggage, suitcases, baggage are allowed in the stadium. Please note that there are limited lockers at the stadium and we are not responsible for your belongings!

Regarding tickets bought off the black-market:

  1. We have been taking note of a handful of black-market tickets and as stated both by SISTIC and us early, we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone who purchased these tickets.
  2. Random checks will be performed at the door and those caught with such tickets will be disallowed from entering the stadium

Regarding the mosh pit queue:

  1. Overnight queuing is highly discouraged as we are extremely concerned with everyone’s safety.
  2. Wrist tagging will start from the front of the queue at 11am on 8th December.
  3. Only people with wrist tags will be allowed in the queue, this is to prevent queue-cutting issues.
  4. Purpose of the wrist tags is for quick identification that you belong to the mosh pit.
  5. The pens are not closed off this time, so the audiences will be able to move from Pen A to Pen B as long as the respective Pens are within approved capacity. Safety is our utmost concern,security will stop movement into whichever Pen that has hit its maximum approved capacity.
  6.  Queuing at your respective Pens/Entrances will still be in effect, so please take note of which section (Pen A or B) you belong to before joining the queue.
  7. You will need a mosh pit ticket to and a wrist tag to enter the mosh pit.
  8. RITS reserves the right to refuse entry for anyone who may pose a threat to the safety of others
  9. Priority entry will be given to ticket holders who did not purchase from Qoo10.com.sg or deal.com.sg

Regarding collecting and buying of Official Merchandise:

  1. The booth will open from 11am-3pm on 8 December.
  2. Collection will begin from 10am
  3. If you have already placed an order during the pre-sale, please get your receipt ready to collect your merchandise.
  4. Please note all products are in limited quantity only, available while stocks last.

Regarding the SM Passport Booth:

  1. The booth will be mended by SM Entertainment, therefore please direct all enquiries to them.
  2. SM Passport Booth is located in front of our Merchandise Booth and it will be in operation from 12pm to 4pm.

Can’t wait to see you all at the concert this Saturday 🙂

Do bring along your energy and a BIG smile to see them!


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