For the fans, Kim Jongin performed with medicine patches. For the fans, Kim Minseok performed with leg injuries. For the fans, Zhang Yixing, rehearsed despite his waist injury acting up. For the fans, Huang Zitao bent down to pick up presents from fans. For the fans, Do Kyungsoo sprawled on the floor to receive the presents from fans. For the fans, Park Chanyeol had to smile everywhere, everytime. For the fans, Oh Sehun writes in Chinese at the airport. For the fans, Wu Yifan bought a luggage to store the fan gifts. For the fans, Kim Jongdae is working hard to learn Chinese. For the fans, Kim Junmyeon works hard with little people knowing about his leg injury. For the fans, Byun Baekhyun wanted to continue to perform even after fireworks got into his eyes. For the fans, Luhan had to tolerate the pushing and shoving again and again.  Kai, you are one of the top four dancing machines in SM, an 18 year old who had to live on painkillers. But painkillers ain’t good for the body. He can’t just keep eating them. People often forget that he is a ‘94 liner when they see him on stage. He is only three months older than Sehun. As much as we would like to see hd fantaken pictures, we don’t want to see them hurt. How much have they done for you? Ask your conscience, how much have you repaid?


cr : exocastle


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