[130126] SHINee attending BoA’s solo concert

Update #1:

In BoA’s new mv there are scenes with Taemin that includes punching the wall, crying, kissing the cheek, backhug and lying on knees to sleep ………….
Jongkey left the concert already?
Source: sojonghyun

In BoA’s new MV, Taem pushed BoA against the wall, have crying scene, kiss her face, back hug and sleeping on lap
Source: 小茜茜的SUNSHINee

A fan went to the washroom and she was walking behind Taemin who was heading towards the washroom also
Source: Cherie-7

During Only One, Taem was super cute. He stood up and wave the lightstick so hard, that the tempo was different
Taem also raised the banner super high. SHINee now has left the concert
Source: 牛仔格格4K, keybeommie

JongKey is facepalming at the TaemBoA moments in the mv , Jonghyun left the concert already
Source: realbliinger

It was said that Jonghyun stood up and started dancing around
Source: Ring花椰菜, realbliinger

Update #2:

There’s a part where Taemin cries while leaning on the wall then falls then cries till he sleeps? Whaaaa?
[Fanacc] Im going crazy, I was walking behind Taemin’s back when he went to the toilet
During the fanevent where they were suppose to raise the handbanner, Taemin was very excited and he held it very high up!
BoA specially said: SHINee’s Key came! Sitting at C2 area! Thank you everyone that came!
Source: vernxoals

Compiled by letterstojuliette, niciang, joAnnwashere @ shineee.net


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