130308 SHINee ‘Dream Girl’ 2nd Win on M!CountDown



[SHINee] ‘Dream Girl’ 1위!!! 우리 목마 모습 못 보신 여러분 많으시죠? 매니져형이 모니터 하면서 찍어주셨어요~ 진짜 2주 연속 1위…감사 드립니다..3주 1위땐 3단 목마ㅋㅋㅋ 다시 한 번 드림걸 사랑에 더욱 열심히하는 샤이니 되겠습니다!!^^

[Trans] ’Dream Girl’ #1!!! Many of you dont often get to see the neck riding look of us right? Manager-hyungie took some pictures while monitoring us~ Really winning #1 for 2 consecutive weeks…Really thankful..there will be 3 neck horse riders will be on our 3rd consecutive winning #1 kekeke Once again SHINee will work even hard for the dream girls we love!!^^

Credit: SHINee Me2Day


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