130312 Eunhyuk Gets Angry After Twitter is Hacked

Super Junior′s Eunhyuk voiced his discomfort after finding that his Twitter account had been hacked into.

On the morning on March 12, Eunhyuk tweeted, “So my account had been hacked into. No wonder that other time a tweet I had never written came up and was erased again… Now I′m following ′Heenim′ (Heechul), who isn′t even on Twitter anymore? Who′s impersonating him this time? Yeah, great.”


When producer Sohn Han Seo of the MBC radio show Shim Shim Tapa tweeted, “Eunhyuk keeps appearing on my timeline… Come in to Shim Shim Tapa sometime,” Eunhyuk replied, “Me?? I haven′t been on Twitter for at least two weeks… What did you see me doing?? This is getting serious…”

The hacking of Eunhyuk′s Twitter account follows many such previous incidents involving celebrity social network accounts. B2ST′s Lee Gi Kwang, Uhm Jung Hwa, Tiger JK and Seo In Guk have all complained of having their accounts hacked into. Wonder Girls′ Sohee once suffered when a hacker uploaded a degrading comment about African Americans on her Twitter, while JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong even once left Twitter due to the constant invasions.

Netizens commented, “The hacker should start studying something useful with those brains,” “Eunhyuk must′ve been scared” and “You should change your password often.”


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