130412 [News] SHINee – Jonghyun lends his voice for ‘The Great King’s Dream’ OST


SHINee‘s Jonghyun is another artist from SM who has lent his efforts for the historical drama, ‘The Great King’s Dream‘.

Stepping aside from SHINee’s usual flavor, Jonghyun croons a ballad this time around with his track “1 Out of 100“. The song sings of unchanging love, and refusing to say goodbye as he hasn’t even said ’1 out of 100′ things he wants to say to his lover.

Via: carolicity  @ allkpop

[Audio] Jonghyun (종현) – 백분의 일 [King’s Dream OST] : http://tmblr.co/ZGt9AyiUXNKs


How are you?
What are you thinking?
Are the days heavy for you too?
Not making you go to sleep like me?

It feels like a corner of my heart has stopped
What do I do? What do I do?
What kind of heart do I need to have as I live?

* Our love, our love
Has not even started yet
Because I love you so much
And not even one-hundredth of it has started

** I will wait for the same love, the same fate as I live
In my next life, and the next after that
I will meet you

Don’t worry about it
Even if the rain and winds come
Don’t worry, don’t be anxious
I will overcome it all with just your love

* Repeat

** Repeat

Even if you’re not by my side, even if I can’t see you
I won’t be sad as if everything is over
I live with an empty heart
Because it will scold me if I see you

It’s clear that the same day and the same time are in one body
Even if today passes and tomorrow comes
This heart will keep growing

Credit: popgasa


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