1. The party was ended at 9:34 PM KST
  2. Sehun did a sexy dance!
  3. Luhan, Kris, Tao, Baekhyun, Sehun, Suho and Kai attended the party
  4. Sehun did gwiyomi today!
  5. Not only did Sehun do gwiyomi, he did an american-ish dance with Suho too (the one Suho did at Xiumin’s bday)
  6. Suho kept saying “it’s just…. it’s just…..” at today’s party
  7. Luhan and Suho danced Sistar’s “Alone”
  8. Jongin and Sehun danced SNSD’s “Hoot”
  9. Jongin and Sehun danced “Gee
  10. Luhan told Sehun “stop growing so tall! even with my shoelifts i’m not as tall”
  11. Kris asked why Sehun was so handsome and when others started jeering, he changed it to “why is Sehun so ugly”
  12. The MC today was not Baekhyun. Tao and Baekhyun also didn’t go to Sehun’s birthday party today!
  13. They said “You can expect our new album its very very nice awesome and also great!”
  14. Sehun says that Chen is the easiest to bully in EXO o_O
  15. Kris says, “Our maknae Sehun is handsome… did I attend your party last year?”
  16. Suho then told Kris to sit down, but everyone started saying that even if Kris sat down, he would be at Suho’s height.
  17. Kris said Sehun has the potential to be as tall as him. He then look at Suho and said, “But I think it is impossible for him.”
  18. A question was “If you were the leader of exo what would you do?” Sehun: “i will gather all the members and punish them”Suho wore a ribbon on his head and told Sehun “My present for you is myself”
  19. Kai called Sehun ‘Son’. The fans were shocked
  20. Question: “What do you hate?” Sehun: “Junmyeon hyung~ Really hate~”

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