130327 Super Junior Gains Attention for Upcoming Tokyo Dome Concert – From 130326

Group Super Junior has been gaining much attention for their Tokyo Dome concert.

On July 27-28, Super Junior will be holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome for their ‘SUPERSHOW5′ world tour. This will be their second time performing here as they visited last year as well.

With Super Junior coming back to the Tokyo Dome, many local media and broadcasts have started to show interest in them. With news of their comeback to the dome, many have stated that Super Junior is ‘one of the most charismatic groups in all of Asia’.

Earlier, Super Junior held a concert in Seoul on March 24 to start their ‘SUPERSHOW5′ world tour. On this day, there were fans from all over the world that attended including Japan, China, Philippines and more.

Over 10,000 fans attended their concert in Seoul as they performed their first concert of their world tour.

Kangin, who had recently finished his army duty, was seen performing a solo. Kangin had previously stated that he was worried and nervous to be coming back to the music industry after being away for so long. He had also stated that he had received much support and help from the other members and had adjusted quite well.

Member Yesung on the other hand held his last performance at this performance as he is going to be called to the army sometime next month.

This concert was the kick-off for Super Junior’s world tour. This is their 3rd world tour since debut and they will be performing in countries that they have never visited before such as Chile, Brazil and more.

The number of fans that came revealed just how big Super Junior was around the world.

On the other hand, Super Junior will continue their tour to China, Japan, Indonesia and other parts including Europe, South America and more.

Credit: kpopstarz
Shared by: supertarajunior


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